New Things

I bought this little primrose during a quick grocery run earlier in the week. My houseplants haven’t been doing so well since the cold set in but the primrose is supposed to thrive in cooler temperatures so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. You may or may not know that Primrose was the name of Katniss’ younger sister in The Hunger Games so, when I sent a picture of it to my seventeen year old sister she threatened to kill me if I let it die. If you’re familiar with the series you know why, otherwise I won’t spoil it – I enjoyed those books immensely and I can’t even lie about it.
In the past few days I’ve made some concrete decisions as well in terms of finding suitable work. I’ve started brushing up for a CompTIA A+ Certification using a video series by Professor Messer. The series is pretty cool, breaking each section down into concise seven or eight minute chunks really helps with both focus and reference; so if you’re looking into getting this cert yourself (or are simply interested in brushing up on the material), based on what I’ve seen so far I’d definitely recommend his work.
I also signed up for a three part HTML5/CSS series on, more as a refresher and to learn about new features since it’s been a while, but I’ll also be taking their courses on JavaScript and teaching myself PHP when I’m through.
I’m thinking I’ll start with IT support after I get the A+ while continuing to work toward web development and see what happens from there.

Last week I spent two days writing and rewriting my email application to Automattic before sending it on Sunday, but I’ve since read that they don’t usually provide much training so I’m doing my best not to have high hopes for that one (and more or less failing, haha), at least until I’ve trained myself more thoroughly. They seem like a great company to work for so I’m hoping at the very least to get a constructive letdown.

And finally, after years of curiosity, I’ve started doing yoga. Not because everyone’s doing it, but because I really wanted something low impact to compliment running and yoga reportedly has the added benefit of being stress relieving so I figured why not? I just started following some super basic tutorials online this week, just twenty minutes in the morning and afternoon between studying and general homemaking. But I am pretty sore, in a good way. So if anyone has some recommendations on tutorials along those lines for a super awkward beginner feel free to link ’em in the comments, and thanks in advance.


5 thoughts on “New Things

    1. I really like it. I’m taking a bit of a break from it to focus on the edX Series I’m taking as it’s 3 courses and terminates at the end of February but, as a kinesthetic learner, it really helps to have the audio/visual elements instead of just taking notes and practice tests.

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      1. Very cool! Are you some additional resources in addition to Professir Messer? I heard the test is multiple choice and doing some kind of interactive interface. Any tips on resources for the latter?


      2. Sadly no :/ I didn’t get to that before I realized the deadline for the edX Series was closer than I thought and I really want to get a certificate for it. If you find any good resources or practice tests for that segment please let me know, I’ll certainly do the same 🙂


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