Sweet & Spicy Teriyaki Venison

We had ours over white rice and with steamed veggies. I added some powdered ginger to the water for the rice – an extra punch!

This was insanely easy. Way too easy to be this good. Super flavorful and quick to boot – who doesn’t love that?

We have had a couple pounds of thinly sliced venison steak in our freezer since Thanksgiving. The Honey (as my grandma refers to him) and his dad used to go out every year for a few days during hunting season and, even though they haven’t been able to do that for a couple years, we still reap the benefits when his dad goes hunting or fishing – which is nice. But, being from a city, I’ve had very little experience preparing venison so whenever this happens I usually end up playing a tiny version of Chopped in my own kitchen. I knew that the steaks were thin and with my inexperience I might have a hard time getting a tender steak if I just pan seared them, or that they might be unpleasantly gamy – so I tried this instead and it was perfect. The meat was tender, fragrant, and flavorful – my poor man burnt his mouth quite badly in his impatience to try a piece, so remember to be careful!

You’ll Need:

1 pound venison
3-4 tablespoons canola oil or vegetable shortening (something with a high smoke point and neutral flavor)2 hefty tablespoons minced garlic (about 5 or 6 cloves if you’re doing your own mincing)
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1/3 cup low sodium soy sauce
2 tablespoons low sodium teriyaki sauce or marinade
green onions, sliced – for garnish

From the Spice Cabinet:

Powdered ginger – about 1 tablespoon or to taste
Crushed red pepper – 1/2 teaspoon or to taste

How It’s Done:

  • ProTip: If you’re going to have sides like rice or veggies you might want to think about the timing and probably start the rice before the meat because this dish will be done pretty fast and you’ll want to serve it immediately. I started my rice and had it steaming before I started the venison. And I had my veggies all ready to steam in the microwave so all I had to do was reach up and hit the button when I knew we were close. The meat was done, start to finish, inside of the 30 minute mark.

Slice the venison against the grain into thin strips, mine was already sliced into 1/4 inch thick steaks so I just turned that into about 1/2 inch strips. Set aside

In a small bowl combine the soy and teriyaki sauces with the ginger and crushed red pepper, taste and adjust spice if necessary. It’s going to reduce and intensify a bit so it’s okay if it isn’t quite perfect.
Place a large skillet (I used nonstick because that’s what I have) over high heat and add in your oil or shortening to melt and heat up until it’s shimmery. Add the garlic and stir until fragrant – less than  1 minute. It might crackle a bit especially if you’re using jarred minced garlic like I did so use a longer handled spoon for this part if your skin is sensitive. Also, I’d use a wooden spoon if you can because you’re going to be stirring a lot later and plastic may warp or melt with the high heat.
Add your sliced venison and stir it until it’s about halfway cooked. Then add the sugar and soy sauce mixture and stir until well coated. Then leave it to simmer until the liquid thickens. When the sauce has started to thicken, stir and stir and stir until a nice, sticky, almost crusty coating forms around the meat. And if you’re going to taste it remember: hot sugar is like lava! So be careful.
Garnish with sliced green onions and enjoy! ❤

Note: I certainly intend to try this with beef, fresh ginger, and sriracha as well – but I really wanted to use the venison this time and this is how I did it. If you try it other ways please let me know how it comes out!

Adapted in part from this recipe.


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