Morning Pages

In case you haven’t heard of it before, the morning pages concept is the practice of writing 3 pages, by hand, every day – first thing in the morning is recommended but any time of day is fine  – as long as you do it! It’s supposed to be stream of consciousness type stuff, no frills. Word vomit, messy.

I did something similar for NaNoWriMo a couple years ago. Instead of writing a novel I kept a very frank online journal in a DropBox document. I didn’t write a certain amount, but I did write almost every day. It felt good!
I’ve been having some mild but increasing bouts of anxiety over the past couple weeks and, as someone who vents on paper but hates my own writing, it’s hard for me to keep going once I start. I tend to go back and review and then I hate the messiness of what I’ve written so I stop. Two of the common rules for Morning Pages are to keep it private and not to review, at least for a while. So I’m thinking it might be good to try for a 30 day challenge or something, track it in my bullet journal, and see how it goes. I have an extra lined Moleskine I’ve been trying to repurpose since I got my Leuchtturm1917 for my bullet journal. I used it a couple times to leave notes for The Honey before we lived together but that’s all.

Has anyone else heard of this practice? Do you do it? Do you have any tips?



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