Sourdough Starter

As a baker by heart I’ve been on a kick lately. I didn’t bake very much for a while when I lived with my parents as their oven was not very reliable. Now that I have my own kitchen I’ve gotten back into a habit of making my own bread, rolls, pizza crust, cookies, and so on. Usually at least one item a week, though so far this week I’ve made rolls AND pizza – then used the leftover rolls to make crostini. Anyway, I’ve begun to develop a little hankering for some good sourdough, so when my best friend (new to WordPress!) mentioned that she wanted to get a starter going I knew it was the right time.

Thus: I’ll be starting a starter (hah) either Sunday or Monday this coming week, anyone interested in doing a little Sourdough Challenge with me?

I’ll be using this method from thekitchn, as it’s very simple and includes some troubleshooting tips (I haven’t done this in a while so I’ll probably need them!). Except I’ll probably halve it since I am using a small container.

If anyone would like to start one, too, let me know and I’ll post reminders to feed it!

Have a great weekend, everyone ❤


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