Snowpocalypse & @atkitchensink

Well…. It’s up to my waist and still coming down. I can’t even lie, though, I do love the snow. They’re gonna need Rudolph to pull the plows tonight if things don’t change.

I’ve decided to start a dedicated food and meal planning blog. It’s starting to take this one over and I do want to keep a separation of concerns. I’ll keep personal stuff here, though. My bullet journal and my coding learning journey, and so on. The new blog is called @atkitchensink. I intend to keep it relatively straightforward and simple. Tips and tricks type stuff. And recipes, of course. I linked back to the recipes I’ve posted here in the Recipe Archive on the menu bar. A friend of mine I visited with last week was enamored with my bullet journal menu plan (it’s literally just a list of dinners on sticky notes, nothing too fancy) and asked if I would mind sending her my menus and recipes for a while.

This seemed the best option. It’s accessible from nearly everywhere and searchable. Instead of a folder of texts and emails, it’s pre-organized, which is better for both of us, honestly. And having a dedicated blog for a specific thing I’m lowkey passionate about will (hopefully) help me update more regularly and, well, be a better blogger.

So wish me luck and follow if you’d like. I hope this finds you all well! 🙂


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