I finished my edX HTML5 Course yesterday. It’s been a tough month for studying. I went to Virginia for a week to help a friend with lots of little ones get ready to move and, while I was able to access course material from my phone, it certainly wasn’t the amount of time I have been able to put in. It was worth it, though. I met a niece and two nephews for the first time and got caught up with a friend I’ve known for 21 years but haven’t seen in about five. Isn’t it weird, being a grown up?

Additionally, I applied for a job at an Amazon Fulfillment center to fill in the gaps while I continue my coding education and build a portfolio. Their hiring process is somewhat convoluted, due to the fact that they hire en masse, and has taken up a fair bit of time between research and visits to the office for the outside company they use to process new hires (an hour’s drive each way) but – eventually – I was selected to move forward and am just waiting for a start date.

Yesterday, when I sent the link for my edX certificate to my Dad, immediately after his congratulations he asked: “What next?” – a thing I love about him. He didn’t assume I was anywhere near done, he’s always been supportive of whatever path I decided to follow in terms of a career, which is pretty cool. Anyway, the next step will be to follow a guide I found in the freeCodeCamp forum. There are three, each involving more computer science/engineering components. After some research, many reviews, and advice from The Honey, I decided to start with the shortest “Job Ready” version, adding in math and algorithms, work on freeCodeCamp challenges when I need a break, and then move up from there. Another student had made each guide into Trello boards, super convenient. I installed RescueTime and Pomello to track the time I spent on each segment – then got to work.


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