May Bullet Journal Setup

Happy May, guys!

It’s about time I do a little bujo update and I can’t think of a better time than the beginning of the month – with a slew of fresh spreads, so here I am 🙂



I switched from the traditional bullet journal monthly spread last month to a calendar spread and that worked so much better for me. My brain organizes days in boxes so this was perfect. It’s a little plain. On April’s spread I had a notes box and a tasks box that I never touched, so I’m planning to come back in with some decorations or something. I just haven’t decided what yet.


This is the thing I’m most excited to try this month. In addition to my monthly tracker, which I slimmed to a single page but didn’t picture due to the personal nature of its contents, I have two line graphs. I’ll be tracking my mood and energy in conjunction with the weather. I’m interested to see if and how one affects the other, especially as it warms up since I’m really all about the cooler months. I can’t wait to see what these look like all filled out…


I’ve been trying and failing to keep up with a tiny weekly tracker for regular cleaning tasks. Having lost track of bigger cleaning tasks altogether, I decided to bring in my trusty bullet journal to help and made this little House Keeper spread. The (very poorly drawn and irregular) circles are days on which I plan to do weekly and monthly tasks, though obviously, I can just check them off whenever I do them, so it also provides an answer to the all-important “when did I last…?” question – which I love!


I completely lifted this from my muse, the lovely Kara, over at BohoBerry. I’ve been using a double time bar (Expectation vs. Reality) on my dailies and I wanted to 1. Trim that a little, and 2. Have a place to track working hours specifically so I can watch for trends and time-sucks as well. So shout out to Kara for figuring this one out!


Another great idea that I got from BohoBerry is the gratitude doodles page. I toyed around with the idea of a memories page or a list like one line a day, but I knew I wouldn’t end up using them. I saw this spread in her (crazy) February One Month In My Bullet Journal videos and it seems perfect. As a visual person, this is 100% up my alley and kind of condenses both of those ideas into one for me, so I’m pretty psyched to try it out this month even though I’m terrible at drawing. That being said: I also got Peggy Dean’s Botanical Line Drawings so I’ll be working through that as well and hopefully getting better!

Seems I’m trying quite a few new things this month now that I look at it, I’ll be taking the Rock Your Handwriting Challenge, too!


I don’t know why I didn’t think to make an editorial calendar sooner. With my love of planning and plotting you’d think it would have been the first thing to come to mind, but no. Recently, in my quest to be a better and more consistent blogger, this is something I came upon in several places I can’t even remember – but when you see it enough times it’s like “okay, Universe, I get the point”… I went back in to add some color and filled it out a little more after I took the picture, and I highlighted the posts with color coding. I’ll take a picture of it all filled out at the end of the month. Now to stick with it!

What’s your bullet journal monthly like? Are you trying anything new this month?

P.S. Hi, New Followers! Thank you for hanging out. Clearly, my name is Allison. I’m a full-time student working on transitioning into a career in web development after over a decade in the customer service industry. I’m also obsessed with bullet journaling and I run a little meal planning blog, too. ❤ I’ve got more and better content coming to both blogs this month so stay tuned and feel free to comment and say hello 🙂


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