Weekly Bullet Journal Setup

It’s so funny how we look forward to things once we get into certain habits, isn’t it? Just about every Sunday evening, I sit down somewhere in my house and listen to my Honey laughing and yelling upstairs as he plays an online game with his friends while I plan out my week. This is one of my favorite routines of the week, as I love this time to doodle and “play” as much as I love hearing his laugh.

I’ve been bullet journaling in some form or other for about 8 years, not knowing there was an entire community until very recently. Since I discovered this community and began an intentional bullet journal back in February, I’ve been inspired to change my layouts again and again, but I think I’ve finally found my groove so I decided to finally do a little more sharing. Here’s my current weekly routine! Sorry, the images are a bit on the dim side, it’s been raining for several days and I don’t have any good lights! 


I make my year and monthly pages with Sunday starts, but mentally, my weeks start on Monday, so that’s how I do them. And I split the days into two columns, time-sensitive and all-day. It helps me focus each day and saves space. I’ve gone through a weekly goals section, weekly trackers, home/work/personal sections, you name it… Nothing stuck. Priorities changed throughout the week and keeping up with a big monthly and a little weekly tracker was too much hassle. The only things I regularly used besides a simple task list were a “notes” box and a “next week” box for things that come up in the meantime that I might not have time to add to my Calendex. So I moved my weekly tracker items into my monthly tracker and switched to a big “brain dump” instead, and it’s worked much better. I can add to it throughout the week and I have yet to run out of space.


After my week is set up, I flip the page and make my meal plan and grocery list side by side. I have a tiny challenge with myself to see how much I can reduce our grocery bill in the next month so, when I’m trying to decide if I really need something, it helps to have my menu right next to the list! This week, I’m working on making some changes to our diet, so where I might normally have a “prep” section, I made a “remember” one instead. We already do a lot of this stuff, but I’m really focusing on areas where I tend to be lenient. Here it is filled out:

IMG_20170507_192938 (1)

Bonus: We’re planting our garden this week so I also made this tracker. We really had very fuzzy memories when it came to the varieties that we planted last year, which in turn made it a little tougher to decide what to get. Sort of being back to square one in terms of what does well in our area, so I decided to track the dates of each of the first four columns, then make tick marks each time we harvest – so, hopefully, we’ll have at least an idea of the overall yield and whether the seed packaging was accurate.


That’s about it! I like to keep things pretty simple. Thanks for checking it out.

I’d love to know: Do you have a weekly planning routine? What’s your favorite part?


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