Bullet Journal : May Recap

I mean, honestly… I’m not ready, I didn’t even have time to get used to writing “5” in front of my dates! But here we are. And I thought I’d do a little recap of how some of my May spreads turned out. 🙂

* This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase something through the links provided. You will never see me post a link to a product or service that I haven’t clearly used myself and love!


I debated a lot on whether to add any color to my monthly view, but ultimately decided against it. I really like the minimal design and all the space. Some spreads can be so busy that the important things are hard to single out, and I found that I wasn’t using any other goals or notes sections on my monthly pages so I stripped it down completely and it worked perfectly, I’ll be continuing this format in June.


Classic tracker on the left, the red squares on the bottom are things I will continue tracking in June, and then mood, energy, and weather at right. I started this because I wanted to see correlations in my moods with the weather.


I love how it turned out! Clearly the weather was extremely unpredictable all month. Note my extensive use of white-out.


House Keeper spread and Time Log a la Boho Berry.


As you can see, I sort of fell off with tracking near the end of the month. I changed it up a tiny bit for June, we’ll see how it goes!


My favorite result of the month, by far. I’m so happy I decided to try it despite my minimal doodling skills. It’s not too terrible all together once it’s done! I’m going a little more top-down for June so I’ll (hopefully) have more room.


Contrast that with this, biggest #fail of the month. Completely fell off and just didn’t make time to catch up.


My little Garden Tracker.


And a layout so we can remember where we put things next year and rotate accordingly.


And last, but not least, I got Peggy Dean’s Botanical Line Drawing the day it came out and here’s a bit of my practice… Seriously, if you think you can’t do this, Peggy will prove you wrong. Look at those flowers!

That’s it for May!



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