Well, Spring’s here…

It’s been three days of warmth. THREE. Today will mark one of the warmest yet, at around 70. The spiders are out en-force and the bears are knocking over the garbage. I miss having a garden, but I’m never ready for spiders and bears. We found a good pesticide last year for the spiders, but […]

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I finished my edX HTML5 Course yesterday. It’s been a tough month for studying. I went to Virginia for a week to help a friend with lots of little ones get ready to move and, while I was able to access course material from my phone, it certainly wasn’t the amount of time I have […]

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Snowpocalypse & @atkitchensink

Well…. It’s up to my waist and still coming down. I can’t even lie, though, I do love the snow. They’re gonna need Rudolph to pull the plows tonight if things don’t change. I’ve decided to start a dedicated food and meal planning blog. It’s starting to take this one over and I do want […]

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Sourdough Update

This was day 5, before feeding. It smelled very sweetly sour, perfect! I’m excited to use it, I’ll be trying this recipe thanks to @wholeheartcakery next week!

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Starter Time!

I started mine today, did you? If you did, leave a comment and I’ll post reminders for the next week and then weekly afterward to feed it.

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Sourdough Starter

As a baker by heart I’ve been on a kick lately. I didn’t bake very much for a while when I lived with my parents as their oven was not very reliable. Now that I have my own kitchen I’ve gotten back into a habit of making my own bread, rolls, pizza crust, cookies, and […]

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Morning Pages

In case you haven’t heard of it before, the morning pages concept is the practice of writing 3 pages, by hand, every day – first thing in the morning is recommended but any time of day is fine  – as long as you do it! It’s supposed to be stream of consciousness type stuff, no […]

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One Down,

Two to go… I finished the final for the HTML5 Intro course this morning. I passed with a 93 – which is more than okay with me, especially for doing six weeks worth of work in two weeks. It was just the encouragement I needed. My practice project was pretty simple, focused mostly on the […]

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